Labels for Education Contest

This year we are going to reward kids who turn in 50 Labels for Education points with a free Scholastic Book!

Turn in your points to the school in clearly marked baggies or envelopes with your student’s name, teacher & grade throughout the year.  Each time your student hits 50 pts we will reward them with a “Scholar Dollar” that they can take to the student store and redeem for a Scholastic book from the LFE bookshelf.

You can turn in any amount of points anytime.  They will be “banked” for your student and when they hit 50 pts a “Scholar Dollar” will be awarded and 50 pts deducted from their “bank”.  Students can use their Scholar Dollar to get a book for themselves, as a gift for another student, parent or friend or donate it to their classroom.  I will try to keep a bigger variety of books around the Christmas season for this reason.  Points must be actual UPC points from products.  Bonus program points (usually in-store promotions like the recent one at Safeway) are encouraged and can be turned in with your student’s points but will not count towards their Scholar Dollars.

If you have any questions please use the “Contact Us” form. Thank you!  ~Eileen Kord, PTO VP, Labels for Education Coordinator

FYI-Students that turned in points at the beginning of the year-I do have your submissions and you will be getting your Scholar Dollars when we get the LFE bookshelf stocked and in place in the student store.

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